Sunday, March 28, 2010

Airplane Ticket

I bought my airplane ticket! Another thing checked off the "to do" list which seems to be growing everyday.

Now it feels like Im really going! Yah!

However, I am started to get alot more anxious about my trip. I hear about summer plans people are making and it makes me sad I wont be there. I wont be there for father's day or for some wedding or some youth group events or fourth of July.

Also, I am asking for prayers with my flight schedule. Since I am going to a rural village in Zambia, transportation will be difficult to say the least. My schedule will be:

Day 1 - Leave for South Africa - 16 hour airplane ride
Day 2 - Arrive in South Africa that evening. Spend the night in a hotel by myself in South Africa
Day 3 - Recheck into the airport. Fly to Zambia. Go to Customs, Get my visa, go to the Embassy. Spend the night at a friend's house.
Day 4 - 12 hour bus ride and finally arrive at the village!

I dont travel well to say the least. I get motion sickness and cant sleep well on planes or buses so prayers will be greatly appreciated!

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