Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Hi Everyone,

Below is a letter that Bernard wrote to Churches in America about Gift - a boy that lives at the Orphanage. I wanted to share this letter with you. One of my prayers has been about his future.

Bernard writes...

"Here is a story of Gift Masuwa to help FPOZ friends to know about his life before joining the FPOZ family, his life and achievement as Front Porch Orphan, and how the Orphanage would like to help him for his life after FPOZ.

Gift Masuwa is an Orphan and Disabled child who has gone through a very tough life of crawling ever since his childhood.
In 2002 when he was identified by our project, the FPOZ, Gift was satisfied to receive a wheelchair that we call Personal Transportation Energy “PET”.

Since then, the FPOZ staff decided to take care of him by enrolling him at school though already advanced in age. When Gift joined school, he could not catch- up easily, he struggled with formal education for many years until the staff of the school where he was learning from advised us to orient him in some skill training for effective help.

We took time with Gift to find out what could be the best for him. He decided to go for tailoring skill.

Luck enough we have in Zambezi a Vocational Skills Center called “Zambezi Development Trust”, where for Seven months now Gift is being trained. And two months from now, Gift Masuwa is going to be the first FPOZ to graduate in Tailoring Skill and have an official Certificate in Tailoring. PRAISE GOD FOR THE ACHIEVEMENT!!!!

Yes, we have achieved what God wanted us to achieve for Gift. But we still feel that one more thing is needed to be done for this achievement to be truly effective in Gift’s life regarding his status.

Your financial support will enable us to provide a brand new Sawing Machine and construct a small two roomed shelter to help Gift settle his life as he soon leaves the Front Porch Orphanage.

We want you to know that your support is always highly appreciated by our UMC congregations and the Zambezi community at large."

From us,
Pastor Bernard & Betty Lumene

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  1. What a sweet, inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it.
    Love you!