Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pictures of Gods Love

So many updates....Things are still amazing and I am so blessed! I cant imagine being anywhere else this summer!

Kendra arrived safety last week! Its been really nice having another missionary to talk to and to share the work load with. We are doing the same things - tutoring, teaching, leading Bible Studies, etc. Its also been so refreshing to have someone to laugh, talk, and pray with. We have enjoyed ministering to the children.

The children are on "holiday" Monday and Tuesday. We will be doing "art camp" and "music camp" in the mornings and tutoring in the afternoons. We will be teaching them Amazing Grace which will be beautiful and inspiring! I plan on video taping it and posting it when I get home.

Last night I took art supplies and stickers to the dining hall and all the children (from ages 4 to 18!) colored for 2 hours. It was so much fun. They have very little "fun" activities to do here so they had a blast. Even the older boys loved the stickers!

Today in Sunday School we talked about the stars in the sky. I love love love the stars at night. You can see so many. I am amazed how God has created this world.

I was able to renew my Visa which was such a blessing. I had to take a road trip to the border and after some slight complications I was able to renew it. I am so relieved that it worked out. I was starting to get a little worried. God is good and everything worked out. The countryside is BEAUTIFUL so I enjoyed the trip alot.

I am starting to get sad that I will be leaving in 3.5 weeks! Its crazy to think that my trip is more than half-way over. However I am ready to get home - to take a hot shower and eat Chinese Food! Plus, I miss my family alot!

Finally - I write alot of the children letters or draw them pictures. Last night I colored a picture for David and wrote on the back "God loves you so much! Never forget that! You are so special and always shine for Jesus" Today he told the Youth Meeting that he wanted to Shine for Jesus and was thankful I reminded him that. I started to cry I was so overjoyed.


  1. Ashley, thanks so much for the update! I hope you are taking lots of pictures and I can't wait to see the video of Amazing Grace. Art and music camp sound like so much fun.
    It is obvious your light is shining for Jesus too. What precious words David spoke.
    Enjoy your 3.5 weeks and know you will have Chinese food the day you get home!
    We miss you too and are literally counting down the days. Our prayers continue for you, Kendra and the children as well as Bernard, Betty and their family.
    Love you!

  2. look forward to you getting home safely.