Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Town

Today Bernard took me around the township of Zambezi. It is beautiful and everyone was so friendly. I toured the hospital, bank, market, and saw the g
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overnment buildings. I am so impressed with the medical care they have in Zambezi. They have three medical doctors, one I met. He seemed very smart and told me that if I happened to get sick that he would take good care of me. They have a dentist and eye doctor as well. The hospital offers educational programs for malaria, HIV, and diet. They might offer other programs as well, but I just happened to see these programs.

I spent the morning and afternoon tutoring the children. I worked on math, english, and a little science. I was able to go to choir practice tonight for a few minutes. BEAUTIFUL! I have NO talent to sing, so it was a real treat to hear them.

Every night we gather for Bible study and devotion before bed. Last night I handed out all the t-shirts from McKendree UMC. That was a real treat!


  1. Ashley,
    I'm glad that you have arrived safely and have already begun to find your place in their community! It sounds like you will have some amazing experiences these next two months! I'm so glad you listened to your call to mission work this summer! Thanks for blogging!
    Love from California!

  2. Hey Ashley,

    You have a BEAUTIFUL voice - don't knock it!!! I remember sitting next to you during the Taize' services!!!!! I'm so pleased for you for going where you think the Lord is leading you! AWESOME!! Keep up the blogging...it's very cool to hear how you're doing! Lots of prayers, love and hugs!